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Association of Indiana Museums

integrity | innovation | diversity

Our Mission

The Association of Indiana Museums (AIM) connects individuals who work in and with museums to resources and training to better serve their organizations.

Our Values


Commits to working towards serving the museum community with the highest standards while being transparent in all its actions.


Encourages innovative thinking and champions individual capabilities to explore and inspire new ways of doing and working within and beyond their organization’s capacity.


Strives to bring together perspectives of people from all disciplines and individual experiences to provide a wide range of museum resources.

Our History

Since the 1970s, Association of Indiana Museums has served as an advocate, partner, and congregator of museums and museum professionals across the state. Over the course of its history, AIM has provided a variety of resources for Indiana professionals tailored to the individuals' needs at the time. 

AIM entered a quiet phase in the early 2010s as the needs of Indiana's museum professionals began to change. Behind the scenes, AIM continued to assess and evaluate how to best serve Indiana's museum professionals. The Covid-19 pandemic brought about new opportunities as virtual programming became a growing avenue of reaching professionals and the 2023 joint AIM-AMM annual conference held in Indianapolis allowed more professionals to become re-aware and engaged with AIM. 

The AIM Board is entirely volunteer-led by working professionals from around the state. Board and non-board members serve on committees, as program speakers, and other volunteer roles as needed to continue serving the Indiana museum community. Check the Board page to see how you can get involved!

View the Board-approved bylaws here.

View the 2022-2026 AIM Strategic Plan here

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